We Are All Restarts: Group Coaching for Rectors and Senior Pastors

We Are All Restarts: Skills for 2021 and Beyond

Everything changed with the pandemic:  Our ministries turned on a dime, we learned and changed faster than we imagined possible, and we are still here. 

Healthy congregations will never “go back to the way it was.”  To lead our parishes and communities in 2021, 2022 and beyond, rectors will need to continue skill building for a new way of leading.  We must understand that as congregations begin to gather in person again,  in real and meaningful ways every church will be a restart.  Investing in We Are All Restarts is an investment in the future of your community and in the health of your own leadership.

This Group Coaching

  • Six 90-minute Group Coaching sessions
  • Five 50-minute Individual Coaching
  • Cost: $480 package
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  • For more information about coaching in general, click here.
  • Spring session is live!
  • Taking registration for summer session now.

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We Are All Restarts Session Topics 

The Lay of the Land in 2021 and Beyond

Session One begins with situating ourselves in the reality of 2021.  We use this article and this video to build a metaphor for the work we are called into.  

There simply is no going back.  How have you already been gifted for this future work?  In what ways do you and your community need to change?  How can you faithfully lean into this change?

The VUCA World

Session Two is based on the work of Bob Johansen and the idea that our world is becoming exponentially more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA).  I write about it here

In what ways has your community been engaging this VUCA reality?  How would you continue to develop your leadership to lead in our increasingly VUCA world?

Easy Wins

Session Three is focused on ideas for creating and supporting Easy Wins for your ministry context.  After 2020, everyone is feeling some level of exhaustion and depression.  A faithful, pastoral, gracious task as leader is to help your ministry succeed in an early, easy win.  

Strengthening Connections

Session Four is about strengthening all sorts of relationships.  The restart work we are all called to do is ineffective when done in isolation.  Connecting is crucial.  Communities that thrive in the coming years will be richly connected with their diocese/judicatory, with other local congregations, with area nonprofits and more.  Rectors who thrive invest in their own supportive relationships with friends, family and colleagues.       

Anxiety and the 8 Principles of Family Systems

Session Five provides a reminder about why people and systems react the way they do.  We are currently communities and individuals with high levels of anxiety.  This short book is not expected reading, but helpful support material.  Understanding this reality, and getting clear about our own leadership tasks, is an important part of our work in this decade.

Onboarding Leadership and Membership

Session Six focuses on how to effectively guide your leadership and membership into new ways of being in late-pandemic and post-pandemic.  As leaders, how do we effectively support the entrepreneurial types who are fully embracing new possibilities while still being pastorally connected with those who simply want to go back to the comfort of beforetime?  This small book is a wonderful resource for small groups to work on resilience. 

Interested? Want to know more?

If you are interested in joining a cohort of Rector Skills for 2021 and Beyond, find out more by choosing a free half-hour chat here.  Send a message or sign up as interested here.

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