Clergywomen Group Coaching

Clergywomen Group Coaching 2021

Imagine gathering monthly with a group of clergywomen who nurture their own spiritual lives, build skills for the work they do, and are becoming more whole and holy. 

Now imagine having one hour per month with a supportive, trained colleague who helps you clarify who God is calling you to become and encourages you to boldly take steps into this future. 

This is  Clergywomen Group Coaching. 

Our Group Coaching Package:

  • Six 90-minute Group Coaching sessions
  • Five 50-minute Individual Coaching sessions
  • Cost: $480 package.  
  • For more information about coaching and FAQs, click here.
  • Spring session is live!
  • Taking registration for summer session now.

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Clergywomen Group Coaching Session Topics 

Leading in 2021

Session One begins with supporting wise leadership in the midst of pandemic.  We use this article and this video to build a metaphor for the work we are called to do in 2021 and 2022.  

How is your ministry context changing because of the pandemic?  What leadership do they need?  What new skills do you need to acquire?

The VUCA World

Session Two is based on the work of Bob Johansen and the idea that our world is becoming exponentially more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA).  I write about it here

Strengthening Community

Session Three is about strengthening community.  We consider not only our ministry contexts, but also the community that supports us–our friends, family, and colleagues.  We name what is working, and what we would like to work on.

Claiming Leadership as a Woman

Session Four exists because sexism is still a reality in our world.  In this session, we focus on the gifts we bring to the table as well as the battles we still fight.  Although this is not expected reading, Karoline Lewis’s book is a wonderful resource for this topic.  

Leading in Beloved Community

Session Five exists because racism is still a reality in our world.  In this session, participants consider their ministry context and in what ways they are or are not antiracist institutions. We will consider how our backgrounds call and equip us to respond:  white participants are invited to identify steps to become more antiracist; women of color are invited to claim their leadership gifts which grow out of surviving in a culture of white supremacy.

Reclaiming Your Call

Our final session is focused on remembering that God has a particular call on your life, and that call develops over the years.  What do you need to set down from who you have been and what you have been doing?  What do you need to embrace to boldly walk into the future God has imagined for you?  

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