The Cardboard Dog Metaphor

This week, I actually lived out the Cardboard Dog metaphor in real life.  Here’s what happened: The Story of the Cardboard Dog When I was training to become a coach, a friend in big data asked me what I coaches really do.  When I told her, she said “That sounds like being a Cardboard Dog.”  … Read more

2023 Group Coaching: Building Resilience and Completing the Stress Cycle

Practical Skills for Your Own Life, and to Share with Others. Join with other clergywomen as we learn 10 research-based ways to build resiliency and 6 concrete, specific ways to complete the stress cycle.  Apply these practices to your own life, and teach them to others who need them. Our groups will be based in … Read more

4 Day Clergywomen Discernment Retreats

Imagine This:  You and five to eight other clergywomen share an oceanfront retreat house.  Each woman has her own room, all meals are provided.  A seasoned facilitator gathers you for a group session on the first evening and once again later in the retreat.  You have one individual coaching hour at the retreat, and another … Read more