2022: About You

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Not “2020, Too”

Have you seen that meme of a terrified face with the caption, “When you realize that 2022 is pronounced “2020, too”?  

It’s been a rough couple of years.  March 2020 feels like it was an eternity ago.  Clergy, the medical community, teachers and school administrators, parents and more are looking at the rising rates of COVID again and wondering if they’ve got it in them to see this thing through.  

In 2020, so many of us gave our all, pivoting into an unknown all-online world.  This giving our all depleted our resources. For many our “all” in 2022 may feel like not nearly enough.  Instead of trying to find ways to do more and give more in 2022, I invite you to find ways to build yourself up and care for yourself – to rebuild your reserve.

Just Don’t Pass Out

We’re all familiar with the adage, “Put on your own oxygen mask first.”  I’ve heard this countless times.  I’ve very very rarely seen anyone actually do it, or have done it myself.

Most of us did not actually put our own oxygen masks on first when the pandemic hit.  We were too busy helping our kids and jobs and loved ones get set up in this new way of life.  Oh, we took a hit of oxygen here and there when we got light-headed.  

But by the time everyone else was taken care of, we didn’t know where to look for our own masks.  Or the masks we put on had so little oxygen left.  Or we didn’t feel like we even had the strength to put on the mask dangling in front of us.  

But somehow, we’ve made it to this point without passing out.  

Please, I beg of you, take a bit of time right now to put things in place so that in 2022–while the pandemic still rages–you will be building yourself up again. 

It Doesn’t Matter 

It doesn’t matter if you start this plan on January 1st, or today, or March 23rd or whenever.  Just make this a priority whenever “now” is, and get started on your plan to build yourself back up.

It doesn’t matter if your plan makes any sense to anyone else.  Your plan could include an hour of cat grooming a night, or monthly grout cleaning, or cultivating new yeast strains.  

Your plan to build yourself up needs to be constructed of things that matter to YOU–not to anyone else.  And in fact, perhaps the weirder it is, the better.  Double-down on learning about that odd topic you’re interested in. Go online and find a course in something totally outside of your comfort zone.  Stock up on craft supplies you loved as a seven-year old.  Make it easy.  Make it attainable.  Make it comforting.

Holistic Health Coaching

Me becoming a Health Coach seems about as likely as me completing a marathon.  

Funny Story:  I completed the Disney Marathon in 2000.

Half-Year Wellness Group Coaching

One of my current coachees has engaged me to work with an existing group and lead a half-year group coaching group about wellness.  Our work will be roughly based on the Living Compass.  Participants will take the assessment at the beginning and end of our work together.  Each month, we’ll focus on different areas of wellness and members will make commitments connected to these areas.

Year-Long Wellness Reflection Group Coaching

I’ve taken this Living Compass model and am running with it.  I’ll be offering current and past coaching participants the ability to join me for a 10-month Wellness Reflections Group Coaching.  Each month we’ll focus on different areas of wellness including:

  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Rest and Play
  • Care for the Body
  • Stress Resilience
  • Vocation
  • Finance and Organization
  • Authenticity

If there is interest from new clients, I will offer a new client Wellness Reflection Group beginning in March 2022.  Please contact me to get added to the interest list for this group.

Do It Yourself

If you are not able to join a Wellness Reflection Group Coaching, consider creating your own accountability group around these practices.  Living Compass offers a free small group workbook which would be easy to implement in a current or new small group.

And You?

How are you tending to your Wellness these days?  What have you set down?  What have you picked up?  What would help you keep committed to caring about yourself in 2022?

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