10 Session 2022 Wellness Reflection Group Coaching

Simple.  Nourishing.  Encouraging.

Could your 2022 use a group that is simple, nourishing and encouraging?  Join the 2022 Wellness Reflection Group Coaching cohort for exactly this. 

There will be no text or preparatory readings for this group.  Rather, each month participants will  ponder a set of reflection questions which will guide group discussion and inspire participants’ individual commitments.  

Through this 2022 Wellness Reflection Group, you get the benefit of BOTH ten sessions of a supportive accountability group AND four individual coaching sessions to work on your specific needs.

We will continue to accept registration through March 14, 2022.

This Group Coaching Package

Ten 90-minute Group Coaching Sessions

Four 50-minute Individual Coaching Sessions 

Cost: $840

Group Meetings

This group meets by Zoom, generally on the First and Third Tuesdays of the month, from noon-1:30pm Eastern Time (except when it doesn’t.  See below for details).  

Participants will take the Living Compass Assessment and bring results to the first session.

  • March 15 
    • Session 1:  Group Introduction and Reflection on Your Living Compass Assessment
  • April 5
    • Session 2.  Heart: Emotions
  • May 3
    • Session 3.  Heart: Relationships
  • May 17
    • Session 4.  Soul: Spirituality
  • June 7
    • Session 5.  Soul: Rest and Play
  • June 21
    • Session 6.  Strength: Care for the Body
  • July 19
    • Session 7.  Strength: Stress Resilience
  • August 2
    • Session 8.  Mind: Vocation
  • August 16
    • Session 9. Mind: Finances and Organization
  • September 13
    • Session 10.  Authenticity: As Yourself

Individual Coaching Sessions

This package includes four 50-minute individual coaching sessions which can be scheduled at useful and convenient times any time between completing registration and March 2023.

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